What is Go?

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To cut it short, Go is a game and mind sport.

Go is a surrounding game where two sides comprising of two or more people take turns trying to build the biggest territory by putting down black or white stones respectively on intersections of a grid drawn on a board.

Go is a strategy game and as such a mind sport that is accepted to have originated in China some 4000 years ago, spread through the Far East and finally made it’s debut in the West about 100 or 150 years ago.

The game pieces or stones have no differences. All the stones have similar qualities, they are put on the board and do not move unless captured. There are two parties: Black and White. They compete to stake out the biggest territory on the board which may be considered an island. Moves are made in turns and consist of a side taking a stone of their color and placing it on an empty intersection. Contingent stones comprise borders and borders encompass empty intersections called territory.

Frankly, if you’d like to learn more we’d like to invite you to join us or your local Go club because we strongly believe that learning and playing this game without experiencing the smell of the wood, the feel of the stones and seeing your partner face to face is missing out on a whole lot of the fun and enjoyment. Since providing any further details is out of the scope of this site we recommend the following links for further reading: