The Fourth Boğaziçi Go Tournament results

Hüsrev Aksüt (5 Dan) from Antalya, Turkey went on to become undefeated and claim first prize of the Fourth Boğaziçi Go Tournament after an early showdown between tournament favorites in the fourth round. Ulaş Ören (4 Dan) from Istanbul, Turkey took second place after his only loss in a daring match over time on the fourth round. Doğaç Köse (3 Dan) from Istanbul, Turkey and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Istanbul Go Players’ Association took third place, a feat worthy of mention due to his responsibilities as referee and tournament organizer. This tournament’s Fighting Spirit Special Award went to Ayşe Nil Öncel (5 Kyu) from Istanbul, Turkey for winning 4 out of 5 games and playing a commendable game against a formidable opponent.

This year also saw a special award (Young Stars) for participants under the age of 18 which went to 3 players that had an almost perfect record with 4 wins out of 5 games.

The Fourth Boğaziçi Go Tournament opened with the participation of 39 players and ended with 42 players of whom 7 were newcomers and 6 from other cities. For further details and wall lists please refer to 4th Boğaziçi Go Tournament page. We would like to thank everyone that has participated, observed or was interested. And our sponsors for their wonderful support.