Who We Are

Although we lack an official name İstanbul Go Topluluğu has been widely accepted. The community comprises go players that were or are still playing in İstanbul since the 90's. Our members are people from various backgrounds that share a common ground in playing go and residing in İstanbul. Our community consists of people of different trades and university students. The Group resides at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/I_stanbul_GO/ in cyberspace and accepts members by invitation only.

What We Do

Stating the obvious: first and foremost we play Go. Aside from that we attend out of city tournaments together, arrange tournaments and organize activities or help organize activities (workshops, seminars, lessons, etc.) involving Professional players. We've also supported the promotion of Go and the foundation and development of Go Clubs in local universities. Further detail is available on our previous activities and experiences here.

Meeting Place

European Side

To be announced

Anatolian Side

As of October 31, 2009 we are meeting at Coffee O'Clock on Wednsdays and Saturdays.

Meeting times:
Wednsdays after 04:00pm.
Saturdays after 02:00 pm.
(+90 216) 347 82 24
Facebook Group:
Coffee O'Clock Go Grubu
Caferağa Quarter Kadife Road 30 Kadıköy
After getting to the Rexx Cinema at Kadıköy turn left into Kadife Road. About 150-200 meters into the street on the right hand side will be a white historical building (Coffee O'clock) the 3. floor is reserved for gaming.
Click here to go to Coffee O'Clock google map.